Welcome to my blog.  I’m not much for labels – but how do you describe yourself without them? So the labels I’ll use to describe myself in sort of a priority order…

I’m a Christ follower, a husband and dad.  I’m a grandpa – but don’t see my grand kids – but that’s a longer story.  I love the outdoors and have a dream to own a piece of rocky land on a lake to spend time at when I retire.  I’m an engineer who is very detail oriented – and that keeps food on the table and discussions with my wife at night – “Did I really say that – like that – today??” Oh my – coming up to 40 years of marriage makes me glad to say Carole is a wonderful friend and I’m glad she’s my wife.

I also love being a freind and doing things like going out for coffee and visiting in the hospital or going camping.

This blog is just beginning…

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